Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to Make Sure Mentors Are Capable

In one of our previous webinars, attendees indicated they qualified mentors in the following ways: 

It should be said upfront that while it's great that there's a prevalence of managers and executives who are targeting mentors to participate in mentoring programs, that doesn't mean that these selected mentors:

  • Are willing to be mentors in the first place
  • Have the necessary skills to be a mentor - especially around communication
  • Understand what goals they should be helping to guide their mentees to achieve.

That's why those respondents indicating that they either don't qualify mentors (25%) or that anyone can be a mentor as long as they apply (16%) is also concerning. There needs to be some manner of mentor qualification, even if the mentoring program is open to the entire organization. 

Where's a good place to start, you may be wondering? The people using mentor training (26%) and competency assessments (22%) are on the right track. For best results, use both to reinforce each other. 

And if you are among those whose program qualifies mentors through manager and executive selection, you're on the right track - but take it one step further. 

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