Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Leadership and Mentorship: An Upward Trend

Leadership and Mentorship

In a poll taken at our most recent webinar “Mentoring for Knowledge Transfer in the Multigenerational Workplace”, our attendees indicated that mentorship for leadership development was overwhelmingly the main focus of their mentoring program.

Take a look at the full results below:

leadership and mentorship

Looking at Insala’s other benchmarking data, this is in line with an increase in organizational focus on leadership development. Just 11% of respondents to a survey in 2010 reported that leadership development was their main focus of their mentoring program, while 49.5% of respondents to our now-closed 2015 survey indicated that leadership development was one of their two top objectives. (Stay tuned for the release of the full survey report at the end of June.)

Since the economy is in a period of growth again, it makes sense that organizations are likewise focusing on organizational growth as a priority, and they’re doing it smartly by ensuring that they have a pool of leadership-ready individuals to fill and grow the succession pipeline.

Aligning Leadership and Mentorship

But whether you’re specifically in charge of a mentoring program or broadly in charge of learning initiatives at your organization, it’s important to remember that there are multiple moving parts to an organization’s leadership development trajectory; a mentoring program focused on leadership development, as this Fast Company article suggests, will have best results if it is aligned with other ongoing leadership development activities in your organization.

While you can and should look externally from your mentoring program to see how you might facilitate or coordinate this, you absolutely must look internal to your mentoring program and ensure that your mentors’ goals are aligned with your overall organizational goal of mentee leadership development.

Learn how mentor training can help your mentors get leadership-ready individuals in your pipeline.

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