Monday, April 13, 2015

ATD 2015: Mentoring for Multi-Generational Communication, Development, and Succession

Insala's very own Judy Corner will be presenting at the 2015 ATD Conference. We highly encourage all of you who are planning on going to stop by and see her presentation, "Mentoring for Multi-Generational Communication, Development, and Succession."

Here's an overview of the session:

This session will discuss how mentoring can be a valuable, cost-effective, and time-efficient development tool for organizations facing a multi-generational workforce. It will explore common multi-generational issues that are facing organizations today, such as knowledge capital that will walk out with Baby Boomer retirees, closing the communication and work ethic gaps between generations, and accelerating learning for new hires. The session then dives into how different organizations have used mentoring to meet these types of issues. You will learn how your organization can prepare to use these business strategies and identify the elements that must be included to ensure success. Discover how to handle possible challenges during implementation, and the advantages of how multi-generational factors create the opportunity for an organization to leverage disparate, but valuable, people, knowledge, and skills. The session will wrap up with short group discussions and a worksheet where you can identify the appropriate steps to take in the next three to six months to implement such a strategy.

Learn more here - and don't forget to stop by!

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