Thursday, February 19, 2015

Formal vs. Informal Mentoring: Poll Results

As promised, here are the results from the poll we posted last Thursday:

Have you found that informal or formal mentoring is more effective?

  • Informal – 14%
  • Formal – 14%
  • A combination of both is most effective – 71%
  • I don’t know; it’s difficult to measure the difference – 0%

It’s not surprising to us at Insala that a combination is what most people are finding to be the most effective form of mentoring; you won’t have to look hard on the internet, in trade magazines, etc. to see that there’s an ongoing debate about the use and effectiveness formal vs. informal mentoring. There are big pros and big cons to using solely both.

However, how heavily you weigh each pro and con comes down to your specific organization, and how you fit mentoring inside your organizational structure and strategy.

If you combine formal and informal mentoring, how do you do it at your organization? Let us know, and keep an eye out for our next poll!

Interested in participating in more benchmarking? Take the 2015 State of Mentoring Benchmarking Survey. A full report of the findings will be released after its close in Spring 2015.


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