Thursday, February 12, 2015

POLL: Formal vs. Informal Mentoring

In our 2015 State of Mentoring Benchmarking Survey (which is open until March 27 - take it here!) we're currently polling that our respondents who have a formal mentoring program in their organization use:

  • Formal mentoring only (19%)
  • Informal mentoring only (23%)
  • Both (58%)
That 58% using both is great - and we wanted to open the floor for more discussion:

And if you want to say more, we encourage you to leave a comment below. We'll post the results next Thursday!

(Don't be shy - share this around if you think it's valuable!)


  1. This poll will yield some valuable data, and I'm glad you're willing to share it. I wonder if some people could be puzzled about what constitutes "informal" mentoring or even "formal" mentoring. That could reduce the validity of the results.

    1. Hi Rey, thanks for sharing your concern. I think your point serves as a great jumping off point for discussion which we'll invite when the poll closes. For future polls, we'll be sure to clarify the responses.