Friday, January 23, 2015

Business Mentoring and What to Expect

business mentoring what to expectIf time is a chief worry of your mentors and mentees when deciding to join a structured mentoring program – and you can be sure that it is – you’ll need to be very, very clear about what to expect in business mentoring.

4 Things to Clarify About the Business Mentoring Commitment

  1. Mentoring roles and responsibilities. Make sure that everyone – potential mentors, mentees, and managers of mentors and mentees – are clear on what their responsibilities are when you start recruiting mentors and mentees. It’s especially necessary to make it clear that mentees must take a proactive role and drive the mentoring partnership, because everyone else will need to understand what that looks like, and what that means for their own roles. 
  2. The time commitment. The time commitment – how long the partnership will last – must be understood before anyone signs up for their role. This prevents confusion later on regarding their own expectations and any potential gaps between those expectations and reality. 
  3. Manager’s respect of mentoring partnership. Managers must also understand and respect the times that mentors and mentees will meet. This is best put into an agreement worked out beforehand for each partnership, so that when mentors or mentees meet and an item that one or both of their managers may see as a higher priority comes up, there is the agreement to fall back on regarding committed times – and if necessary, contingency plans.
  4. Mentor and mentee accountability. Make sure that everyone understands that the program manager or administrator will be checking in with them regularly to see how the partnership is going – or if it’s going at all. When they’re not meeting, mentors and mentees tend to use lack of time as an excuse, and it’s important not only for program admins to know that from the get-go, but for mentors and mentees to know that they’ll be held accountable for meeting and progressing.
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