Friday, March 28, 2014

Your Career Development Culture - and the Vision Statement Behind It

Transcript: "Let me tell you what I found to be the most important thing when setting up your career development program: it’s establishing your organization’s career vision statement. What is it that you believe in as an organization about career development? It might sound mundane when you think about it, but what we actually find when working with clients all around the world when they’re trying to set this first target is that everyone has a really different view of what career development means."

But remember this: every organization’s vision for career development will be different because all organizations differ with regard to two things:

  1.  Their relationship with their employees, and
  2.  Their organizational culture.

The Key to Career Development Culture

All organizations have different ideas about how long their employees should stay within their roles and within the company, and how much they want them to develop in that time.

Ideally this should be communicated to employees at the time of their hire, if not before – especially if the organization wants to have a long-term relationship with employees when they transition to alumni.  In any case, this should absolutely be established and communicated to employees in the career development vision statement.

This vision statement should be the cornerstone of not only your dialogue with your employees from Day One, but the career development culture that springs up around and as a result of that dialogue.

(Remember, too, that company culture and employee engagement affect each other very directly. For more on this thought, especially as it relates to career development culture, please read Is Your Company Resisting Employee Engagement?)


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