Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mentoring vs. Training?

Over on one of our LinkedIn groups (the Mentoring Thought Leaders' Club) there’s been some interesting discussion recently about the merits of mentoring versus training

The poll that sparked the discussion asked participants to vote whether they felt employees learned more from training or mentoring.

While the majority of the votes were for mentoring (11 compared to 1 vote for training,) the conversation was centered around the fact that there often can be no either/or when it comes to mentoring and training.

Here are some of the highlights.

Mentoring vs. Training

Mentoring is critical in passing on skills and knowledge and should be coupled with training as well as on the job learning. From my experience training and mentoring cannot be separated.
- Suraya  Abdelrahman

I can't say that learning occurs with one versus another without having a clear understanding of the identified need. I think they are equally effective for learning when used in the proper context.
- Deadra Welcome

Both can be effective support for learning. However, training needs to focus on the right topic at the right time in the person's career with an active mechanism for application and learning transfer. Mentoring could be one of those mechanisms.
- Dana Valley

My honest opinion is that employees learn better with a joint approach. Peer mentoring groups are great to help reinforce learning and to continue to reinforce the learning.
- Deborah Covin Wilson

Yes, a blended learning approach is best… Training provides an opportunity to learn with others on a variety of topics...and the only way to make that experience richer, is to stretch the learning beyond that day in the classroom/webinar or whatever the "event" is.
- Meagan Schmidt

I think the bigger questions for organisations and companies is that too many are still in a teaching mode - the how to that is often equated with training. Yet successful companies are imbued with a learning culture that encompasses everyone - of which mentoring has a critical role to play.
- Brian Cavanagh

What are your thoughts?

Up next: Read about how you can combine mentoring and training for the best of both worlds.

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