Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mentoring for Engagement - and the Future

We’ve been talking the rest of this month about mentoring within organizations, but for the last post, let’s shift our focus just slightly.

It’s old news that organizational and political leaders are often mentored in their adult lives. But imagine all the places they had to get before they had their first job – not just their schools, clubs, universities, but their positions they held and things they accomplished within their schools, clubs, and universities.

We talk a lot about the concept of “engagement” in the workplace and how it affects productivity and success. Just as adults engage with the culture of their workplaces, children engage with the culture that surrounds them. Every experience provides more chances to engage and excel.

It’s not just about grades – it’s about engagement with opportunities to learn and do.

No child knows how formative these years are for their adult lives – that these years are literally the foundations for everything that comes after. Consider if your organization were to make an effort to mentor youth. How much of an impact might that effort have for the future of our organizations?

And how much of an impact might that have on the mentoring mentality of our organizations now?

This is the tenth post of ten celebrating National Mentoring Month by mentoring training expert Judy Corner.

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