Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Most Important Thing When Recruiting Mentors

The decision to become a mentor is very personal, and the reasons behind that decision are often very personal as well. We talk a lot about the necessity of mentoring training and mentoring qualification, but the other side of that is that before you can recruit mentors, your mentors have to want to be a mentor. All the setting of objectives in the world won’t help your program be successful if you don’t have willing mentors.

Getting people interested in the idea of being mentors can be one of the biggest challenges to a mentoring program; and doing so will always come back to appealing to personal reasons why they would want to be a mentor.

These can include:

Keep these in mind when you’re trying to get people interested in becoming mentors, along with who the audience is and what their interests and concerns are, and what the objective is that you’re trying to accomplish.

This is the sixth post of ten celebrating National Mentoring Month by mentoring training expert Judy Corner.

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