Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why Should I Provide Outplacement?

When there has been a layoff at your organization, there are a number of reasons why you should buy outplacement services.

Obviously, you could simply say goodbye to your former employees, and maybe give them a severance package; but here are the top 6reasons why you shouldn’t just leave it at that.

Why Should I Provide Outplacement?

  1. To maintain your positive reputation. When it comes to both your customer and employee communities, failing to take care of your employees after you’ve laid them off has the potential to be a massive blow to your company’s brand and reputation.
  2. To demonstrate CSR. It’s certainly not all about the reputation – it’s also about doing the right thing. Demonstrate that you want to do right by your employees to your employees.
  3. To keep up employee morale. Showing your remaining employees that what happens after a layoff isn’t all bad can really help reengage employees after a layoff more quickly. This in turn helps the trauma involved in a layoff and related restructuring to not have a negative impact on their business performance.
  4. To minimize legal complications. Sometimes letting people go results in anger, and employees who have been let go will take legal action against the organization. When outplacement comes into play, you can cause people to focus their energy on the future and not the past, redirecting the negative energy into something positive, and increasing the goodwill between both parties.
  5. To follow current trends. In some countries outplacement is obliged by the government. An example of a recent trend in Belgium is the career cheque. For €40 (the government pays €550), the job seeker is entitled to 8 hours of job search advice to be taken in 1 or 2 times. Every 6 years anybody looking for a job can order a career cheque.
  6. To facilitate change. If you know in advance that your organization is going to be restructuring, already having an outplacement program in place can make it easier – logistically and emotionally – to let people go.
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